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Love this pic! My goal is to be fit and strong. I know that to achieve this goal I have to make a decision to commit to workout consistently and eating healthy. It gets tough sometimes being around friends and co-workers. They go out to lunch, being back delicious milk shakes, fries, you name it. And here I am bringing my lunch everyday and trying to avoid the numerous sweets floating around the office. It’s not always easy, but I enjoy myself so much more knowing that I feel good in my own skin. I’m proud of myself for exercising self control and most importantly for loving myself enough to stick with my plan. This is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. I’ll surround myself with motivational pictures, inspirational quotes, and folks with similar goals as mine, just to stay focused if that is what I need to do!!!

For a long time, I simply complained about my weight. I WANTED to do something about, but I honestly did NOTHING that would help me reach my goal. A goal without a plan is simply wishful thinking.

#stepbystep, #daybyday, #knowyourstruggle, #trustyourstruggle, #beempowered, #transformation,#fitness, #strengths, #goals, #determination, #Beachbody

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