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Sometimes you have to rid your life of unnecessary things in order to stay focused on what truly matters. If you’re focused and determined you WILL achieve your goals.

To stay focused I cleaned my closet. I needed to get rid of items that I felt no longer represented “me” and was just taking up space in my life. When my space is decluttered, so is my mind. That clarity is what I needed to stay focused on what really matters.

What things do you need to get rid of in your life to help you stay focused in your goals?

What is Shakeology?

It’s my daily dose of dense nutrition and I love it!
It gives my body the energy it needs to make it through a long work day, get through my workouts, and find time for the things I enjoy doing.
It reduces my sweet tooth cravings. It is my way of making sure my body is well nourished so that I don’t overeat.
It helps me lose weight. I’m down 19 lbs since I’ve started drinking it last October and it tastes freaking delicious. This is not just any protein shake it is PREMIUM stuff with lots of benefits.
Lastly, it helps improve digestion. Shaun T jokes and says that this is the healthiest poop of the day! LOL But honestly, it is. There are over 70 of the world’s healthiest ingredients in Shakeology. Having a more regulated system helps my stomach stay flat and I feel less bloated. I feel well nourished, hence the energy I am getting.


If you haven’t given Shakeology a try you should! I love the many benefits it has for the body and I’m happy to share my experience with you. This could be THE solution you’re looking for to help achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. Message me on Facebook to find out more.

We all have our moments when we get discouraged. I’ve fallen so many times myself: gone weeks without clean eating, been inconsistent with my workouts, been guilty of negative thinking and blocking my own growth, etc.
One thing I’ve learned is how to embrace the journey. I learn from my mistakes and keep moving forward. It’s not easy but it’s necessary for my personal development and I want to grow.

I want to achieve my dreams and goals and if I have to make a few mistakes to get there then that’s OK with me. I’ve got BIG dreams.

If you think you CAN’T do something or you are discouraged right now, know that the answers are already within you, so keep calm and believe you can do it!

Smile ;)

I’ve been feeling a little weird these past couple of weeks. Doubting myself and questioning my capabilities…

So, I decided to just be me. To just take things day by day. And trust that I’m doing the right things to get myself closer to my goals. Everyday is a new journey and a new opportunity to do better. I’m willing to make mistakes and take chances. I’ll learn and I’ll grow from every experience and every choice.

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Sometimes things are not always clear to us. Why we do we feel the way we do? Why do our minds and hearts sometimes differ?

Sometimes we don’t always have to have the answers. We’ve just got to trust our gut when things aren’t so clearly defined.

If and when you can, take a risk. Go for your dreams and don’t give up until you achieve them.

Shout out to @locsbyjermiles1 for doing a fabulous job on my locs last week…

… I decided to trim a little off the ends this time. My hair was getting SO LONG. It was becoming it’s own creature! LOL

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